by Cameron Clark

Texas – McKinney Falls State Park



Summer time is approaching at it gets especially hot here in South Texas but there is a spot where you can cool off. McKinney Falls State Park is located in Austin Texas and just a stone throws from Texas parks and Wildlife Department’s main headquarters. The park is named for Thomas F. McKinney, who came to Texas in the early 1820s as one of Stephen F. Austin’s first 300 colonists. Sometime between 1850 and 1852, McKinney moved to Travis County and to his property on Onion Creek, where he became a prominent breeder of racehorses with his own stable and private track. McKinney falls is located on onion creek, which has a tendency to flood so make sure to go when it has not rained recently. The park is really cool. The park is not located way out in the middle of nowhere but instead just outside Austin. The park is very well maintained but does see some flood debris from time to time. The falls have created caves along onion creek, which are really cool to go checkout. There is also a large exhibit located on the property showing the different types of rocks and nature present. The park is great for little kids especially due to the large amount of tangible interpretive displays through out the park. Be careful when swimming due to the large amount of obstacles to get down to the water, just be careful and don’t jump off the top of the falls like an idiot. Highly recommend McKinney Falls state park for a little weekend getaway.